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industrial-door-hardware - Industrial Sliding Door Hardware and Accessories

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Subject: Sliding Door Hardware and Accessories
Description: Full line of Sliding Door Hardware for your next sliding door project.
Category: Manufacturer, Door Products, Sliding Door Hardware

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Product features · 4 high quality precision ball bearings for the sliding action of your door.

· Triple pendulum suspension for best possible load distribution for long term sliding doors.

· Special track geometry Sliding Door Hardware for precision action, no lateral contact Sliding Door Hardware making a sliding industrial-door-hardware foor slide smoothly.

· Rubber bearings for door hangers.

· 4 damper rings prevent transmission of roller noise to door panel.

· Channel rail, anodised light alloy,hanger bolts and nuts stainless steel.

· Outdoor installation possible Sliding Door Hardware.

· Internally mounted, sealed ball bearings.

· Large diameter rollers.

· industrial-door-hardware Sliding Door - Low overall height Hardware.

· Vertical and lateral adjustment Sliding Door Hardware.

· Wall-attachment angles designed for lateral adjustment.

· Channel rail can be fine-adjusted after installation.

· Multiple pendulum bearing system automatically compensates for alignment errors.

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industrial-door-hardware Range of applications · For all single-leaf and two-leaf sliding doors.

· For all door materials, e.g.

wood, metal and glass.

· Wall and ceiling mounting.

· For doors weighing up to 120 kg per leaf.

Standard hardware Channel rail for ceiling and wall attachment, · with angles, · 2 industrial-door-hardware carriages with hanger bolts, · 2 carrier plates, · 1 floor guide, · 2 in-rail buffers with 1 door stop.

Special versions All parts available as single items.

The channel rail is available ex stock in 6 m lengths for wider door.

Quantities required are as follows: Sliding Door Hardware· industrial-door-hardware Rail length 6 m, · Angle 14 pcs.

Standard installation The angles allow the hardware to be fixed directly to the wall or to the ceiling (hole pitch: 175 mm) Important Removable panels must be installed to permit access to wall recesses and Sliding Door Hardware

Standard installation for industrial-door-hardware unframed glass doors A second buffer must be installed either on a level with the horizontal Sliding Door Hardware centreline of the sliding door hardware or at the bottom in such a way that the door leaf is stopped Sliding Door Hardware simultaneously at the top and bottom.

Important The industrial-door-hardware sliding door hardware may only be used for single-pane security-glazed doors.

sliding door hardware and accessories are available from the following website. You can find everything you need for loading dock equipment, strip doors, and even truck shelters. Door dealers are welcome and we offer discounts on bulk orders. Apply to become a dealer today.

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