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Industrial Sliding Door Hardware

Welcome to the Sliding Door Hardware Information Site!

On this page, we'll introduce you to some of the different types of Sliding Door Hardware and the various applications for each.
The first type of Sliding Door we will cover uses the tab lock sliding door system for use with steel sliding doors.

TAB-LOC Allows one person to assemble a steel sliding door frame in under 15 minutes.

The secret is the patented locking tabs found only from National Brand Sliding door hardware available through the Rotary Products Inc Sliding Door Hardware Website.  The built in fasteners are pre-punched into the frame members.  Simply bend the tabs down into matching slots for a square, tight, permanent steel door frame.  Unlike any other door frame, you don't even need a level area for assembly.  Once you're familar with TAB-LOC, 10 minutes is all it takes to get a frame ready to attach the siding.  In fact, the door can be completed and hung in under an hour to previously installed rail.

Below are some of the ways for this type of sliding door hardware to be attached to your building



The Next type of Sliding Door Hardware we will look at is the Easy Frame System for Steel and Wooden Sliding Doors.

This system can be attached to your building in the same manner as the TAB-LOC system, howeverm you can frame in your wooden door to make a wooden sliding door.  Some depictions of typical installations of the box or round rail Sliding Door Hardware systems are available by clicking here

For for information regarding the options available for sliding doors, or for indepth descriptions of these sliding door hardware kits and how ti install them, visit the Rotary Products Inc SLIDING DOOR HARDWARE website.